Saturday, November 14, 2009

Video related stuff

So I've been quite busy lately on various projects and I thought I'd post links to some stuff that's been finished.

I recorded the sound for a pilot music show called Off The Cuff, made by Daniel Alexander for his final year in the Otago Polytechnic film school. The premise for the show was to record bands performing live in whatever location they wanted and to forgo any kind of presenter/interviewer in favour of a more direct approach - ie. letting the music speak for itself.

The first band we recorded were the Biff Merchants, a psychedelic rock band who unfortunately no longer exist. We showed up to a large venue called Sammy's really early in the morning and after several hours of set up managed to get a great result. Sammy's has good acoustics and it suited the band well.

Fourth World
by The Biff Merchants.

The second band recorded was a new 3 piece electro/industrapop/rock band called Thundercub. Completely different to the Biff Merchants in almost every way, this shoot was done in their practice space/flat living room area and had a totally different feel to the previous shoot. The band played well and I think we got a pretty good result.

Shotgun Pingpong - By Thundercub.

And last but not least: one of my own bands, Dick Jokes, now has a video out there on the interwebs. Louis Smith (of the Gideons) spent a whole day messing about with imovie and this is what he managed:

I AM DUNEDIN - By Dick Jokes.

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  1. Hey wow dude, the videos (and not least the music) are fucking great! Dunedin music aye? Fuckin' awesome!